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SMD Baltic provides services for electronic products` assemblage starting from electronic components` supply and finishing with individual packing.

To ensure the release of high quality, the products are tested at all stages of production and are monitored with final output visual control.

In a short time SMD Baltic managed to establish long-term business relations with a number of customers, known not only in the nearest regions, but also in the world, which allows us to look confidently into the future.

A team of specialists, passionate about their work, is able to find a solution to any problem and offer to a customer a friendly solution, both technical and commercial.

Our company specializes in surface mounting technology, mounting THT-components, functional testing and assemblage of end products.

For the full manufacturing cycle our specialists prepare a stencil used for application of soldering paste, program for the automatic installation line, develop technical documentation and also prepare all the equipment, which is necessary for high quality manufacturing.

Quality policy

The production of electronics is one of the most important areasin production, as it is feasible in all spheres of human activity.

The electronics which is produced by our company, may be applied in a various equipment, starting from computer mouse up to a complex medical device, which directly affects human life. That is why the policy of our companyis to ensure high-quality production process and its management, including supply functions, which are an integral part of our activity.

Our aims for making an efficient and high-quality production are the following:

  • constantly update quality management system, which is based on continuous research and implementation of customers` wishes and needs and constantly improve quality level,
  • build long-term and stable relationships with customers and also suppliers,
  • organize the production process in accordance with the delivery terms of products maintaining high level of quality,
  • constantly modernize the production process,
  • create conditions that will contribute to the professional development of each employee of the company and to convey to all the personnel importance of the correct and responsible performance of their work duties.

Technological possibilities

Surface (SMT) mounting of PCS is made completely on automatic technological line, equipped with newest imported equipment of popular producers.

Technological possibilities of the line
Mounting capability 90000 CPH
Component size From 01005 up to 55x100 mm
Component height Up to 28mm
Mounting accuracy ±0.035 mm
PCB dimensions From 50x50 mm up to 810x490 mm
PCB thickness Up to 4.2 mm